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Change DNS servers in Ubuntu 20.10 (systemd)

 Edit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf:      [Resolve]      DNS=      Cache=no then restart resolved:      sudo systemctl restart systemd-resolved

Renaming the git master branch

 For people who don't like the "master" terminology in git, changing the name to "main" is as easy as:         git branch -m master main

Limoncello recipe

  Limoncello ingredients: Full Batch (6-8 bottles): 1.5 L of 90% or higher alcohol (1.58 quarts 180+ Proof) 15-20 lemons worth of peel 1.98 l of water ( 2 quarts) .99 l of sugar (850g or 29.9 oz) Half Batch(3-4 Bottles):.75 L of 90% or higher alcohol (0.8 quarts 180+ Proof) 7-10 lemons worth of peel .99 l of water ( 1 quart) .5 l of sugar (425g or 14.9oz) See recipe .

Mirror a web site with wget

In order to mirror a web site for offline use or preservation purposes, wget is the tool of the day: wget --mirror --convert-links --adjust-extension --page-requisites --no-parent <URL to the website>  The options are as follows: --mirror: recursive download and other useful options --convert-links: change links to relative links for offline and local viewing --adjust-extension: fixes extensions when they don't match the type of their content --page-requisites: makes wget download all necessary files to display the web pages (e.g. style sheets, inlined images, etc.) --no-parent: only download pages below a certain hierarchy Before using, make sure you have the right to mirror the said web site. Using too much bandwidth or making too many requests in a certain time might get you blocked.